Digital products and software consulting with a strong focus on end user experience.

At we build digital tools and products. We are strong believers in the web as the platform for the future of software. We love to build our own tools and we love to collaborate with others on building products.

We help your organisation build things you will be proud of. We call this co-creating. We take a hands-on approach and work along with your teams to ensure great results.

Ed-tech and people development tools are of special interest to us – the possible impact of the web as a driving force for social good around the world is the biggest value-creation opportunity of our lifetime.

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Our Offering

We base our workflows to some extent on the Shape Up process described by the friends at Our approach to client work is structured around the following offerings:

1. Conceptualising and Shaping

You have an abstract idea for a digital product but you need assistance making it concrete, actionable and to formulate it into something that can be pitched. For this you need product design knowledge as well as a deep understanding of techical feasability. This is where we come in.

starting from 2k EUR

2. Mockups and Prototyping

Sometimes, a clear concept and pitch is not enough; you need illustrative mockups and functional prototypes to test certain assumptions and make your value proposition clear. Also, prototyping can be a necessary step in testing out the waters with a genuine technical idea.

We typically prototype in sprints. Sprints are quick & iterative one-week bursts of result-driven experimentation.

5k+ EUR per sprint

3. Design and Development

You have the groundwork of a well shaped application concept, and you have answered all the "can this be done" questions. What is left is bringing the product to market as quickly as possible. We create high-fidelity UI designs with which you can bootstrap your sales activities. And we either support your development cycles by focused interventions or handle the end to end building process for you.

Development is typically organised into one or many development cycles. A cycle typically consists of two weeks worth of focused work.

10k+ EUR per cycle

4. Improve and Maintain

The business is established and validated. Now your focus is upon consistently improving and maintaining your product. Close enough to be operationally relevant yet sufficiently distant to not be operationally blind we are your strategic partner in structuring and prioritizing your development roadmap and guiding you through agile and iterative cycles of Shaping, Prototyping, Design and Development.

starting from 4k EUR per month


Over the years we’ve worked with many different technologies and have an acquired taste in the following tools and frameworks. There is not the one tech stack that makes sense for every context and stage of your business but a selection of these are a great choice for most use cases.

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