Software with great UI / UX Beautiful digital experiences that work.


Competence Pilot

the digital toolkit to collaboratively determine, measure and prioritize people development needs.

2020 - 2021

CodeDoor Editor

a new code editor as the core learning experience for CDDR students.


Voice Bot Research Toolkit

enabling large scale research of conversational voice interactions built for the University of St. Gallen and the University of Zurich.


Over the years we’ve worked with many different technologies and have an acquired taste in the following tools and frameworks. There is not the one tech stack that makes sense for every context and stage of your business but a selection of these are a great choice for most use cases.

Further reading: API First Development

Vue JS React JS Ember JS Cordova Electron Laravel PHP Python Flask Feathers JS Postgresql



an encrypted peer to peer video communications tool for therapists, coaches and mentors during the covid crisis.

2018 - 2020


the smart LMS for continuous learning and competency development in organisations like the ADAC, Credit Suisse and Dale Carnegie.


Volunteer Vision

digital conferencing software for the delivery of mentoring sessions based on state-of-the-art eLearning standards.

2014 - 2016

Medicare Analytics

an AI analytics toolkit for US-based insurers and insurance payers.

2013 - 2014


the doctor rating platform with a digital reimbursement wallet.